Wednesday, October 15, 2014

24 Day Challenge Day 2 Recap

Yesterday was my Day 2 of the Cleanse Phase of the 24 Day Challenge. I pretty much just did a replay of Day 1 with the exception of moving my meals a little farther apart. I was really full after lunch on Day 1 so I moved my meals and snacks on Day 2 to about 3 hours apart (the farthest apart they should ever be). It worked out great! I felt sated after each snack/meal and not overly full. After dinner I did have a moment, staring at my son's box of plain Cheerios, where I almost ate one.... My reliance on carbs since birth (pretty much) has become seriously evident now. I know that if I can just make it through Day 5 with no carbs the rest of the challenge will be a breeze.

I had my second Fiber drink yesterday. I mentioned my issues with texture, so I mixed it with a 1/4 scoop of Spark (my best friend in the world!!), thanks to a tip from a veteran of the cleanse. It was amazingly 1000% better than Day 1. The flavor made it much easier to get it down, with none of the gagging that occurred on Day 1 (I didn't mention the gagging?). Yeah, there was gagging on Day 1.... Don't judge! This time though, I took it like a champ!!  I even did a happy dance, in my underwear, in my kitchen at 5:00 AM. I'm pretty awesome like that!! If you must know, the sound track to my happy dance in my head was "Run the World" by BeyoncĂ©

My day was great! I felt I had a lot more energy and my 27 trips to pee were reduce to about 15 which in my book is a plus. The last time I had to pee that much in one day I was days away from giving birth. At least then everyone could just chalk it up to me being the giant pregnant lady. Now, I am the giant AdvoCare lady on the Cleanse. It's pretty awesome!

I made a really great turkey meat loaf last night for dinner and paired it with some fresh green beans and sliced tomatoes! So so so so good! I didn't get my work out in until 9 last night, but I did manage to squeeze in about 35 minutes of yoga poses before Brennan woke up and needed to be put back to sleep. Hopefully tonight will be much better in terms of a good workout.

I know I haven't posted any of my "Before" Pictures so I guess I will share those with you now, just so you know I am a real human being and not some weird computer bot. I don't know if bots can have blogs, but if dogs can, I suppose it's possible. I'm not as cyber literate as I should be for being a 20 something year old in 2014. So without further ado...

***Warning: These photos were taken at 10 PM on Sunday night, I am makeup-less and bloated, not pregnant***

 BAM! Yeah, I can already feel your judgy eyes on me! It's cool though. All for the sake of bettering myself I suppose. I keep telling my husband that he just needs to remind me that I am getting bigger every time a beg him to pick up some ice cream on his way home, but he is just too nice. Ice cream used to be my treat for being an awesome wife and mother. Now my treat is getting healthy and being around longer to be an even better wife and mother. The added bonus is that eventually, with time, I will also be able to not feel as self-conscious as I do right now!

Ok so now on to more important topics, like new products! Let me present you with the new holiday goodness that was just released:

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