Friday, October 17, 2014

24 Day Challenge Day 3 and 4 Recap

Day 3 was really easy for me! I weighed myself when I got up and I am already down 4 lbs!! It's so exciting to finally see that number start going down! I also get a 4 day break from the fiber drink, so that's a plus!!! Overall the day went well. I switched up my snack from almonds to avocados, because really, who doesn't love avocados? If you are one of those weird non-avocado-loving people, we can't be friends. I'm pretty serious about them if you can't tell.

Anyway, It seems like each day that passes I get more and more energy. My body is finally adjusting to the lower calorie intake and I feel really good. I'm still on the no carb train which is going really well. No breakdowns, and I kinda feel like at this point I've made it over the hump. I'll never say never, but at this point I am not missing the carbs at all. My workouts lately have been intensive yoga. Faster movements that are geared toward weight loss and muscle tone. I have been hurting the last 2 days. My abs are so sore and my legs are a little shaky. I have always been pretty quick to start seeing muscle definition and I can tell just from the 4 workouts I've done this week that the toning is already happening. I am so excited to get my body back to where I feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Day 4 (yesterday) was the best day so far. I will probably just keep saying that every day until the end of this Challenge. I am 20 days away from the end of this and in total, I am down 7 lbs! I finally got to try the new Meal Replacement Shake flavor, Pumpkin Spice, and it is so so so good. My favorite by far, but I am a pumpkin fanatic!

The Cleanse phase of this challenge is designed to help you rid your body of all the toxins we ingest on a daily basis from all of the processed foods we eat. Just take a mental picture of your shopping cart when you go to the grocery store. How much of that cart is filled up with items from the middle aisles of the store? If you are anything like me then is was probably looking like about 80%.  By cutting out all of the unneeded extras like sodas, chips, fruit bars, sugary cereals, and dips you are helping your body learn how to operate uninhibited. By eating all of those bad things your body has to use up what little fuel it gets from those foods just to process them through your system, which can leave you feeling sluggish and tired.

Just a few days of clean eating will show you just how well your body can work if you just give it the fuel that it needs! To learn more about how you can supplement your diet you can visit my Independant Advocare Distributor page here!

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