Monday, October 20, 2014

24 Day Challenge Days 5 & 6

This weekend was crazy!!! So much to do and so little time to blog about it. Brennan has been in rare form lately adding to the craziness, but it was good!

Friday was Day 5, half way through the Cleanse phase of the Challenge!!!! No fiber drink, but everything else was pretty much the same. My day was really crazy at work so I delayed my lunch until almost 2 and then promptly forgot my afternoon snack, whoops! Hey, I'm human, I forget things. Usually not food things, but crazier things have happened. Because of my spectacularly crazy day I was exhausted after coming home and declared it a "Fend for Yourself" dinner night. Basically that means, I didn't cook and ate left overs. I steamed some fresh broccoli and ate left over chili. It was so good, chili usually get better the longer it sits, well at least for a couple of days afterward. Lets no tempt fate here. I was also lazy when it came to my workout that night, I let the exhaustion get the better of me and only ended up doing 30 min of Yoga. I did however promise myself that I would take Brennan on a 5 mile walk in the morning, since what else is there to do when your child wakes up on your day off at 5 AM?

Well, that walk never happened. We were up at 5 (totally called that!) and we deep cleaned the house. By we I mean, I cleaned the house while Brennan went right behind me and messed everything up again. He's walking now, so he can reach a lot of things, which in turn makes my life entirely more difficult. Day 6 was a mess!!! A complete and utter failure on my part! I got up, drank my Spark and took my Catalyst. I managed to get in my Pumpkin Spice meal replacement shake (YUM!!!) and then everything went down hill from there. I drank my shake at about 7 ish (pretty on time...) and didn't remember my morning snack until almost 12. Ate my snack and then had to leave to go to a reception (bad, bad, bad idea). I should not have gone! In the back of my head I was all like "Who doesn't serve reasonably edible food at a reception. They will for sure have lean protein and veggies!" NOT!!! It was BBQ food, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and of which I could eat nothing! I am talking pulled pork sandwiches and brisket, beans, potato salad, pasta salad.... The Works! Everything looked delicious and smelled even better, but I was unable to partake in the awesomeness. I ended up being that weird girl in the corner eating a dry salad (the only dressing available was ranch), and drinking bottled water. Everyone was boozing it up, stuffing themselves and I looked a little out of place. Due to the mass amounts of food I was unable to eat I missed my afternoon snack as well and came home at 8 PM to eat tuna and green beans. It was the fastest option available and therefore easiest decision to make. I still managed to get in about 40 min of Yoga before I collapsed into bed, hoping that Sunday would be better!

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