Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey You.....

I guess the concept of typing out this weird blog thing is super new to me, but it seems to be all the rage so I figured I would give it a shot..... Well here goes....

Hi, My name is Sarah, and I'm an alcoholic... oohh wait, wrong thing. Shoot! I forgot that this isn't an AA chat room (do those still exist? chat rooms I mean, not AA. Does AA even have chat rooms?). Anyway, back to me!! I am a married, working, mother of ONE, currently (hopefully for a while), but eventually more if its written in the stars. I am pretty much your average person, my life is not overly exciting, unless you count the Gilmore Girls marathons that have been happening at my house lately! Oh yeah! I am not overflowing with witty comebacks, or even particularly funny (especially if you ask my husband). I love him dearly and yet, would like to use him as my own personal punching bag most of the time, but that's not nice, we don't hit ( I say this to my son at least 25 times a day, he's 10 months old). 

Awww, yep that's us... before kids and marriage... when we still really liked each other. every time I look at that photo I think "What is Michael pointing at????!!!" So annoying, but that's about the cutest picture we have together. So there you have it, pre-jaded glow still falling around us.

And then came this one...

Isn't he just the cutest kid ever??? I happen to think so. His name is Brennan and he is a handful! He is 10 months old and the love of my life. At least when he is stationary. He has the ability to upend everything within a 30 FT radius in under a minute. I must take lessons from him when it's Michael's day to clean.... in about 20 years. 

Well there you have it, my little family. Love them to pieces even though they make me nuts!!! Hopefully this blog will become interesting eventually. I just wasn't sure if this whole blogging thing needed to start off with an introduction, kinda like an internet handshake, before I just let you come into my life and read all of my most intimate thoughts and desires. So I guess it's nice to meet you. I should probably get back to work and do something productive with the last 20 minutes of my day. 

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