Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stay At Home Mom's

I just want to give all of my SAHM (Stay at Home Mommies) a big round of applause. I feel like a lot of the time you don't get recognized for how hard your job is. Yesterday I took the day off of work to run around to a couple of doctors appointments and a dentist appointment for Brennan and I have never been so exhausted in my life!

Our day started at 6 am (we could have slept in until 9:30), cause yeah, days off are not sacred to my son. Apparently every day is a work/daycare day for him. 10 months of up at 6-ish everyday really sucks. But anyway, back to my original point... you SAHM's are amazing. I was beyond overwhelmed yesterday with all of the running back and forth from home to doctor's offices for naps and snacks and lunches and all other miscellaneous stuff you have to remember as a mother to a not self sufficient human being. I don't know how you do it, but just know that I am in awe of you.

I started my day off with great intentions. We were going to get up, eat breakfast, play and hopefully Brennan would go down for his morning nap at around 8:30/9-ish. That would give me enough time to shower, dress myself, do hair and makeup, the whole kit and kaboodle (really wish they still made those!). You know, all of the things you should probably do if you are going out in public and don't want to look like a complete disaster and forever be known as "that mom who let herself go". I must admit I am no fashionista, my daily wardrobe consists of jeans, flip flops, and a t-shirt. I am lucky enough to work for a company that allows casual dress all the time, but I still make an effort to do my hair and makeup, most of the time. 

Unfortunately Brennan decided he was going to have a bad day yesterday. His world was apparently crumbling around him and he was having melt downs at every turn. I couldn't leave his side without him screaming at the top of his lungs. He refused to eat anything for breakfast, all he wanted was a bottle. He doesn't get a bottle for breakfast. He eats food for breakfast and then gets a bottle before nap time. He definitely had other plans yesterday. No breakfast, no morning nap, crying, meltdown, tantrum.... I was pretty close to tears. I mixed myself up a Spark, and held fast to the thought that it was only one day. Screw the shower and the cute hair and makeup, we left for his first appointment in sweat pants and tank top, I don't even know if I brushed my teeth.... not one of my finer moments. 

Once we were out in public though, he was a complete angel, best behaved child on the planet. I could feel the judgmental eyes of the other mothers looking at me in my sweat pants, frizzy hair, and bagged eyes. They were probably wondering why, if my child is so well behaved did I look like I just spent the night riding the train rails of Texas in an open cargo car like a hobo? If only I could have recorded my morning for them to see.  

I feel like days like this never happen to me when we stick to our normal schedule. He gets up when I need him to and goes down when he is supposed to. Stray too far from the rigid schedule he has adapted to and all hell will break loose. I am talking screaming banshees, fireballs, lava pits.... It will get messy. I have always dreamed of being a SAHM, but after yesterday I don't know if I have it in me. How do you deal with your little one's when they are having a bad day?

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