Monday, October 13, 2014

24 Day Challenge Prep

I spent a few hours over the weekend prepping for my 24 Day Challenge. I gathered up everything that I thought I might need from around my house and kitchen and here is what I ended up actually using out side the box with my AdvoCare Challenge goodies in it:

1. 2 Blender Bottles
2. Large water bottle ( mine is 32 oz which means I only need to fill it up 3 times during the day to ensure I get enough water)
3. Go Stak pill container (I have an aqua colored one)
4. 10 Small Tupperware containers
5. 10 Medium Tupperware containers
6. 5 Large Tupperware containers
7. Food Scale
8. Tote bag

Not too much stuff, but it helps to have them all in one place. I decided to do my 24 day challenge sans carbs (I'm hardcore like that). I just thought it would be easier for me to stick to the meal plans if I wasn't so focused on when I would be able to eat my next sweet potato or rice. I rely very heavily on carbs regularly and thought taking them out all together would be better than allowing myself to have them and be tempted to eat more than was recommended. Because hey, who only eats a 1/4 of a potato? 

I spent about an hour yesterday cooking my lunches for the week. They are all the same, grilled chicken and asparagus. I lightly seasoned my chicken with salt, pepper and a little bit of garlic, and then steamed the asparagus. 2 large chicken breasts and a bundle of asparagus was enough to make my lunches for the entire week. I portioned out the chicken into 5 oz chunks and added my cup of asparagus to my large Tupperware containers. The snacks were easy, I chose almonds and apples for my snacks for the day so I filled up all 10 of the small Tupperware containers with my 1/4 cup of almonds. I only cored and cut up 2 apples for today since fruit tends to brown after its cut into. I figured it would be pretty easy to only need to prep my fruit for the next day instead of making everything, every night on top of dinner. 

Next I filled up my Go Stak with all of the supplements I would need. It looks like this:

Dont worry you aren't taking all of these in one day!

I also decided that instead of trying to make breakfast and eat it every morning that I would just do a meal replacement shake instead. I have a tendency to roll out of bed each morning and need to walk out the door about 15 minutes later. So, physically making breakfast is hard for me. The meal replacement shake is a great way to get your body going in the morning if you can't squeeze in a breakfast. Doing that also helps cut down on the prep time. I just put a packet of the meal replacement shake in the blender bottle I am going to drink it out of and throw that in my tote bag. 

Basically my tote bag is filled with my GoStak, one blender bottle with a packet of my meal replacement shake in it. One blender bottle with a packet of Spark in it, my water bottle, lunch and snacks containers. Everything else I can do at home before I leave, i.e. the fiber drink and my morning spark. 

Last night I also took all of my measurements. I did it at the end of the day to get the most accurate reading. everyone always looks much skinnier in the morning before you've eaten anything so I didn't think it would be fair to take my measurements first thing in the morning. You can record your measurements on this sheet and keep somewhere safe for the length of the challenge. 

If you have any questions about the Challenge you can email me or go to: Advocare 

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