Monday, October 27, 2014

Catch up!

I cannot believe it has been 6 days since my last post... Life just got a little crazy for a minute there. Brennan was super duper sick, and overall not a happy camper. Sick kids make life infinitely more hard. Watching my poor helpless baby be sick for almost a solid week was the worst thing ever. You don't want the details, let just say it was BAD! I basically turned into a kangaroo last week. Brennan is apparently a very needy, sick child. Think Man-Flu but on a more intense level, maybe now you understand... This was his first major illness, and it scared me a little. So I have been MIA due to the exorbitant amount of time it takes to nurse a baby back to health.

Lets just say that the last 6 days have been a roller coaster. I was so focused on my little one that I had a hard time sticking to the challenge guidelines. It was rough. I missed a few meals and snacks through out those few days and had no energy to workout. I have a lot of making up to do! My plan to get back on track is to up my workouts over the last 10 days of this challenge and to really, really, be strict with my food intake times and amounts. I know how well this challenge can work, I just have to get myself back in the right head space to complete it with confidence and trust in the system AdvoCare has set up. I know this works, I just have to work for it!

I am finishing these last 10 days strong and proud that I have accomplished what I have. I am down 12 lbs and I feel great! I would probably feel much better if I had followed challenge structure exactly, but life happens and I am picking myself up and dusting myself off and preparing for a better tomorrow. I am in the Max Phase of the challenge, this the the part of the challenge where you have prepped your body for successful weight loss and you can see and feel the pounds fall off. I already know that my body is changing and that my pants are getting looser and my stomach is getting flatter. I love the results I am seeing and it only makes me want to see more.

I will update you on the in's and out's of the Max Phase of the challenge tomorrow with a walk through of my day and all of the changes from the Cleanse Phase, but for today, this is all I got!

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